RhinoCAM is an integrated plugin for the Rhino modeling software that provides powerful tools for computer numerical control (CAM). With it, users can easily create programs for processing parts on CNC machines, from 2D and 3D models to G-code generation. RhinoCAM provides precision, efficiency, and ease of use across a variety of machine tools, making your manufacturing process more efficient and accessible. The module is fully associative with any geometry changes in Rhino. RhinoCAM includes the following modules: MILL, TURN, NEST, MESH, and ART.

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RhinoCAM modules


RhinoCAM-MILL is one of five modules offered in the RhinoCAM software package. Combining the free-form modeling capabilities of Rhino and VisualMILL machining, this module offers an easy-to-use yet powerful milling solution that is ideal for molds, dies and tooling, woodworking, rapid prototyping, and general machining. RhinoCAM includes 2-1/2, 3, 4, and 5-axis machining functions. It comes with hundreds of free post-processors and a post-processor generator that allows you to create your own. RhinoCAM-MILL software ensures the high efficiency of your investment.

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RhinoCAM-TURN is a powerful 2-axis turning center programming system that is one of five modules offered in the RhinoCAM software package. This module includes rough turning, finishing, rough grooving, finishing, threading, parting, hole making, and free post processors. RhinoCAM-TURN software for your lathes and turning centers provides exceptional returns on your investment.
RhinoCAM-TURN is included in RhinoCAM STD, EXP, PRO, and PRE configurations.

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RhinoCAM-NEST is a module that represents MecSoft’s cost-effective solution for the optimal positioning and placement of geometric shapes on sheets of source material. RhinoCam-NEST provides two main layout options: rectangular layout and true shape layout. For both solutions, individual 2D shapes can be positioned on sheets according to user-specified quantities, spacing, editing, modeling, and orientation control, including material grain restrictions.
RhinoCAM-NEST is included free of charge with all RhinoCAM-MILL configurations.

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RhinoART or RhinoCAM-ART is a module that is used to convert a graphic image into geometry suitable for machining. This module introduces exciting new techniques for modeling artistic figures using raster images. Used in conjunction with RhinoCAM’s 3D modeling tools, it offers an additional set of modeling techniques for jewelry design, sign making, and model making.
RhinoCAM-ART is included free of charge with all RhinoCAM-MILL configurations.

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RhinoMESH is a fully integrated module in Rhinoceros that offers efficient, simple, and automatic tools for cleaning, reducing, refining, and preparing 3D mesh data for downstream applications such as CNC machining and 3D printing. The seamless combination of Rhino’s modeling capabilities and extensive file import functionality with RhinoMESH’s data preparation tools allows the user to create clean, accurate, and waterproof mesh models from virtually any input data source and any major 3D format.
RhinoMESH is not included in the RhinoCAM-MILL configuration

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