3D models development

A complex approach

Everything starts with the terms of reference and discussion of the equipment that will be used to make the prototype. Modeling is performed taking into account fit tolerances and material properties.

The experience of ou CAD designers team allows us to implement a project of any specifics: jewelry, shoe lasts, molds, reverse engineering from 3D scans.

At the output, you get a working file in the format: 3Dm, STL, Obj, DFX, Ai.

3D models development

Jewelry design

From one model to series

We will make a 3D file for mass production according to the finished design and technical specifications.

We will design a size range according to the existing model or edit the model according to your provided file (a 3Dm file is required).

We will create a model range, a series of jewelry. All you have to do is set the general direction in the design of this series.

Jewelry design

Prototyping and pre-production

From idea to realization

We implement projects from an idea to a finished prototype or serial sample. It is possible thanks to the coordinated work of our designers and specialists in the field of 3D printing production, processing, and casting, as well as CNC and laser cutting.

If you already have a finished design, 3D file, or just an idea, we can check it for errors and get it ready for production.

  • Available equipment:
  • laser cutting
  • CNC milling (4-5 axis)
  • 3D printing (wax, plastic, metal)

Prototyping and pre-production

Introduction of 3D technologies

Modern technologies

Does your production need modern digital technologies?

Processes that have been a bottleneck in the production cycle can be optimized through the introduction of modern 3D technologies.

We offer:

  • Study and analysis of the production process
  • Implementation of 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing technologies
  • Staff training

Introduction of 3D technologies

Free consultation

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