RhinoCFD – Rent for 1 year

RhinoCFD – Rent for 1 year

RhinoCFD is a universal software plug-in for hydrodynamic calculations

This product allows users to investigate the interaction of their model with the surrounding fluid. This allows for quick optimization and testing all without leaving of the familiar Rhino environment.

RhinoCFD Features

Application Area

RhinoCFD can be used in any area where liquids can affect the structure. The plugin is used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Shipbuilding: design of hulls, sails, propellers
  • Architecture and construction: outdoor / indoor ventilation, pollution dispersion
  • Jewelery: lost wax casting optimization
  • Aviation and astronautics: aerodynamics, turbomachines, heat management
  • Medicine: arterial flow, airways, effects of non-newtonian fluids
  • Transportation: drag reduction, combustion processes, emissions testing

Key Features

  • Possibility of sequential and parallel processing
  • Cartesian, cylindrical and polar grids
  • Cell geometry detection and simplification of the PARSOL meshing process
  • Structured sequential CFD solver from PHOENICS
  • Numerous turbulence modeling options including RANS and LES
  • Radiation modeling
  • Relational data entry without recompilation
  • Built-in post-processing, including isosurfaces, surface contours, and streamlines

RhinoCFD promo video

Watch a short video about RhinoCFD’s features

License options

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