Counter Sketch

Counter Sketch

Creating a unique jewelry design in CounterSketch gives the customer the opportunity to get to know their ring in a virtual environment in real time.

Modify and create your ideal jewelry, create and enjoy the creative process without thinking about how it will be realized. Stuller will take care of the rest. The symbiosis of prototype and software involves your client in the process of creating a product, redistributing responsibility and creating the effect of ownership of the result.


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CounterSketch Features

Library elements and free creativity

Do you want to add the finishing touch or create a new model from an existing one? Use the free library of 1,200 elements to apply a previously designed style or create an entirely new, unique thing.
Free modeling provides a fast and easy design process in front of your client.

Integration with STULLER ever&ever® service

Overcome obstacles to complete the deal design. Interaction of CounterSketch with the STULLER ever&ever® service will allow your client to choose a ring design, try it on, and see how it will look on the hand, allowing the client to work on the style of the product by themself.
Use CounterSketch for deeper design options. This consistent customization strategy allows you to always say «yes» to any client’s request.

Seamless customization

Never limit creativity to your design environment. When your client selects a style on or Stuller Showcase, you can begin the customization process by suggesting changes to the shape and size of the stone, the composition, amount of metal, and the size of the item itself.
If your client is willing to go further, such as changing the size or number of accent stones, you can easily open the item in CounterSketch exactly where you have left it off in the browser.

STULLER production

Once your design is complete, rely on Stuller’s CAD/CAM services to ensure quality production. Stuller’s CAD/CAM services will accompany your prototype from start to finish of the manufacturing process, from file verification to ready layout, element selection, and assembly.
Using the most potent Stuller resource guarantees your peace while creating and high-quality finished item.

CounterSketch promo video

Watch a short video about the advantages and main features of CounterSketch

License options

Please contact us to get an offer for a software package!

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