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The design of a vessel in Orca3D begins with the hull model Hull modeling is a unique combination of artistic expression and engineering analysis, which combining to a creative process to meet the aesthetic and performance requirements of the vessel. The software that used to transform the hull from an idea to a 3D computer model will enrich the creative process by precise and detailed analyses. Orca3D give you complete freedom to create any type of hull, beginning with a concept and carrying through to final fairing with the guarantee that that the hull will meet your target hydrostatic properties.

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Orca3D Features

Design hulls

In Orca3D, hull is created as a NURBS surface. While Rhino provides many important tools for creating and editing surfaces, Orca3D adds features specific to hull design, such as:

  • Wizard to instantly create cases in accordance with the given size and shape parameters.
    Easily define the sections that will be displayed on the surface of your hull; stations, buttocks, waterlines and other flat curves. The user can specify the color of these sections along with the layers they should be placed on.
  • Real-time updates of sections as the hull surface changes
  • Real-time update of hydrostatics when the hull surface changes
  • Control the shape of the front of the hull, ensuring a continuous curvature of the transition from the nose to the bottom
  • Easy positioning of surface control vertices interactively or through the Orca3D vertex control dialog
    You can simulate any type of hull and its design features. Enclosures can be created as a single surface or multiple surfaces as needed. Tools such as blending, trimming, and filleting provide tremendous power and flexibility.

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