Bongo plug-in is a professional toolset for animation in Rhinoceros

It allows you to create animations by simply dragging and dropping objects without the time wasted by exporting files and switching to another program. Bongo provides previews inside Rhino, in real time, in any shading mode (including Neon!). You can render to video using any compatible renderer.

Bongo Features

Bongo 2 New Features

  • A scalable timeline and a new curve editor with more control over the animation process.
  • Save multiple animations to one file.
  • Multiple parameters control with a new keyframe editor and improved animation tweening process.
  • Create architectural animations from a set of named views.
  • Animation of mechanical systems using automatic inverse kinematics.
  • Morphing objects, animating layers, analyzing the position of the sun, applying video textures, supporting new video formats, and much more.
  • Support for Rhino 6 and 7 for Windows.

How it works

Animation data is captured from object transformations and stored in keyframes at the current position of the timeline slider. These keyframes are displayed on the timeline and can be edited after they are created using the keyframe editor. Interpolation of object and view properties using the twinning method is used to create intermediate images between keyframes.

Object transformations, such as rotation and scaling, are always performed relative to the animation anchor. If there are child objects, transforming the parent objects changes the child objects accordingly. Object and view transformations can be bound to curved paths or other objects using the dependency manager.

Animation of an object may involve repeated cycles of transformations. To view the animation, use the Rhino window or any other Rhino-compatible renderer.

About animation in Bongo

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