KeyShot is a 3D visualization and rendering software that provides a wide range of tools and capabilities to create high quality renderings, the perfect solution for your workflow.


KeyShot 14-day trial

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  • System requirements
  • Popular questions
  • Fully functional demo
  • Local rendering network
For Windows


  • 64-bit platform
  • 4 GB or more RAM
  • Quad-core processor*
  • System with OpenGL 2.0 support
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher
  • *KeyShot can use all available CPU cores


  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1
For Mac


  • Quad-core processor*
  • 4 GB or more RAM
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher
  • *KeyShot can use all available CPU cores


  • macOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) and later
  • What graphics cards should I use for rendering in KeyShot?

    NVIDIA (Recommended)

    Desktop Cards:

    QUADRO RTX 4000 or higher

    Mobile Cards:

    QUADRO RTX 4000 (mobile) or higher

    NVIDIA (Supported)

    Desktop Cards:

    • RTX A6000
    • RTX A5500
    • RTX A5000
    • RTX A4500
    • RTX A4000
    • RTX A2000
    • QUADRO GV100
    • QUADRO GP100
    • QUADRO P1000 or higher
    • QUADRO P400 or higher
    • QUADRO M2000 or higher
    • QUADRO P3200 or higher
    • GeForce RTX 40-Series
    • GeForce RTX 30-Series
    • GeForce RTX 20-Series

    Mobile Cards:

    • QUADRO T1000 Mobile or higher
    • QUADRO P1000 Mobile or higher
    • QUADRO RTX 3000 Mobile
    • QUADRO P520 Mobile or higher
    • QUADRO P500 Mobile or higher
    • GeForce RTX 20-Series
    • GeForce RTX 30-Series
    • Geforce RTX 40-Series
  • How to get a fully functional Keyshot demo?

    The regular demo version of Keyshot has a watermark and does not allow you to save rendering results. For a fully functional demo version without watermarks, please contact us.

  • Keyshot training

    For information on Keyshot training, write to us.

  • How to get a discount?

    To receive a discount on Keyshot products, write to us.

To get a fully functional demo version without watermarks during operation, please contact us

Use KeyShot Network Rendering software to get the most out of your existing machines. Connect multiple computers to the same network and use all your hardware to dramatically increase your rendering performance.

Possibilities KeyShot

KeyShot is 3D model visualization and rendering software that provides a wide range of tools and capabilities for creating high-quality visualizations, ideal for your workflow.

keyshot features materials


KeyShot offers a library of over 7,000 pre-installed materials, as well as tools for creating your own. You can add textures, bump mapping, reflections and other properties to achieve the most realistic effects.


See results – instantly.
That’s the power of KeyShot’s rendering engine: every change you make is instantly updated, so you can see the results within seconds. No more switching between rendering modes and waiting endlessly for what the final render will look like.

keyshot features lighting


The light is done right.
Add hyper-realistic lighting to even the most complex scenes with just a few clicks. KeyShot’s scientific algorithm does all the hard work for you.



You can create simple animations including rotating, moving and scaling objects. This is useful for demonstrating the functionality and dynamic aspects of models.

keyshot animation


KeyShot provides tools for simple modeling operations such as cuts, sections, and Boolean operations, allowing you to create interesting compositions and visualizations of internal structures.

keyshot integration


Seamlessly connect to any 3D application you prefer.
Built-in support for over 30 file formats.
Free plugins with one-click download LiveLinking keeps your design in sync across apps.

keyshot rendering


KeyShot allows you to customize cameras with different parameters such as focal length and depth of field. This allows you to create a variety of angles and control the focus on specific details.

Upcoming courses

3D designer in 45 days
3D designer in 45 days

Have you thought about mastering the highly paid profession of a 3D designer? Would you like to learn how to create unique 3D models to translate your ideas into reality?
Whatever your goal or skill level, we'll help you get started on your 3D journey. In 45 days of intensive training, we will guide you through every step of the 3D modeling process, from the basics to advanced techniques. As a result, you will receive all the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve your goal!

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Rhinoceros Basic Course
Rhinoceros Basic Course
  • Courses
  • On request

  • Online individually

  • 12 lessons of 1,5 hours

The 3D designer course includes techniques for creating 3D models based on NURBS geometry, preparing models for export, documentation and printing. The course is based on the official McNeel training program (developer of Rhinoceros).

At the test lesson, you will learn how the training goes and whether the acquired skills will be able to solve your problems. Then the teacher will teach a fragment of one of the lessons.

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Rhinoceros professional course
Rhinoceros professional course

Профессиональный курс Rhinoceros – это курс, посвящённый изучению инструментов программы Rhino 3D, основанная на рекомендациях от компании McNeel.

На пробном занятии Вы узнаете как проходит обучение и смогут ли полученные навыки решить Ваши задачи. Затем преподаватель проведет фрагмент одного из уроков.

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