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We have been supplying Rhinoceros 3D and key applications for Rhino since 2014. We provide technical support, conduct user training, develop and support the official Russian version of Rhinoceros 3D. Rhino is what we know best!

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    We have been distributing the Rhinoceros 3D software product since 2014. The program takes a leading position among the software used by professionals.

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    You will get basic 3D modeling skills in Rhinoceros and will know how the program tools work in the training center.

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Spheres of use


Modeling of architectural objects, visualization of exterior and interior

Jewelry design

3D modeling of jewelry, creating a visualization of jewelry for customers and production related products:

Landscape design

3D modeling of landscape design with BIM technology

Industrial Design

3D modeling of industrial facilities and preparation for the model production

Aviation and astronautics

3D modeling for aviation and astronautics

Mechanical engineering

3D modeling of complex products for mechanical engineering

Shoes and clothes

3D modeling of products for footwear and consumer goods industry

Art objects

3D modeling and visualization of art objects

The medicine

3D modeling of organs and prostheses


3D modeling for CNC machine tools

Upcoming courses

Дизайн ювелирных изделий
Дизайн ювелирных изделий

С нами Вы научитесь создавать 3D модели украшений различной сложности и станете востребованным специалистом в ювелирном дизайне. Ювелирная индустрия будет существовать всегда, ведь красота это движущая сила человечества.

Rhinoceros Level 2
Rhinoceros Level 2

Базовый курс Rhinoceros – это курс, посвящённый изучению инструментов программы Rhino 3D, основанная на рекомендациях от компании McNeel.

Узнать подробную информацию о курсе, записаться на курс и задать вопрос вы можете также в нашем чат-боте курса.

Students works
Students works

The Rhinoceros Level 1 course includes methods of creating 3D models based on NURBS geometry, preparing models for export, documentation, and printing. The course is based on the official McNeel training program (developer of Rhinoceros). Sign up for a free trial lesson, where you can get acquainted with our teacher and teaching methods and ask any questions you may have. In addition, to make the training as effective as possible, the teacher will be able to adapt the course program to your professional field.

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