It combines the best of Matrix and RhinoGold products to offer a clean interface and enhanced performance.

MatrixGold this is a modern solution for the masters of the jewelry industry.


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MatrixGold features

Target instruments

Jewelers developed the application, so its software intelligently approaches design. It is the best software with tools completely focused on jewelry making.
The most simplified creation of gems, shanks, settings, and visualization helps you design with maximum efficiency.

Parameter history

The main advantage of MatrixGold is the use of parameter history. This new feature is a hidden power that tracks all your steps in the design process and allows you to make changes at any stage. The presence of this history means that the time for upgrading or tuning can be reduced to seconds.
There is no more need to rebuild from scratch!

User-friendly interface

From the moment you start designing in MatrixGold, you will appreciate the availability of a complete set of jewelry-making tools.
The program’s intuitive interface helps jewelers quickly learn how to create. MatrixGold gives you total freedom to choose your ideal workspace, thanks to a fully customizable user interface.

Content manager

While MatrixGold is excellent for designing from scratch, we have also made it easy for those who prefer to work with finished parts. Just choose a base design from our Collections. Then make changes to suit your client’s needs.

Clayoo, Organic 3D Modeling

If an organic design is your thing, so Clayoo by MatrixGold is the best tool for you.
Clayoo gives jewelers the tools to create beautiful and uniquely structured custom designs. Animals, flowers, patterns, reliefs, anything you want to make is not a problem for Clayoo.


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