Clayoo is the best T-splines alternative for Rhino. It is designed for freeform 3D modeling and is used to create high-quality 3D sculptures and reliefs in various shapes. The plugin allows you to create high-quality sculpted, embossed, and matte models. Clayoo is used in the jewelry industry and the automotive industry and in designing furniture and wood products of any complexity. It combines three different modeling approaches.


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Clayoo Features

Unlimited Possibilities

Creating and modifying any forms in Rhinoceros
Easily create and modify the most complex free forms and sculpts using versatile NURBS technology and Clayoo SubD, Clayoo Emboss, and Clayoo Sculpted technologies.

«Clay» modeling

From simple to complex
Clayoo is based on the concept of forming an object using simple extrusion, pulling, and moving its elements.

Reverse engineering

Import scan data or STL files
Clayoo includes reverse engineering capabilities using the advanced Retopology tool, making it easy to create surfaces from digitized objects and convert the result to NURBS surfaces.

Full compatibility

Import from other 3D files
The ability to import is one of Clayoo’s best features. Import objects from Rhino plugins or other software products and converts them to Clayoo objects to continue working on your model.

Clayoo promo video

Watch a short video about Clayoo’s features

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