Rhinoceros Level 1

The Rhinoceros Level 1 course includes methods of creating 3D models based on NURBS geometry, preparing models for export, documentation, and printing. The course is based on the official McNeel training program (developer of Rhinoceros). Sign up for a free trial lesson, where you can get acquainted with our teacher and teaching methods and ask any questions you may have. In addition, to make the training as effective as possible, the teacher will be able to adapt the course program to your professional field.
Rhinoceros Level 1

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For whom?

The course is intended for everyone who wants to master the program tools and gain basic professional skills in the field of 3D modeling in Rhinoceros. No special training or knowledge is required.

What will you learn?
  • Get basic 3D modeling skills in Rhinoceros
  • Build ornaments from curves and lines
  • Edit the model using the transformation tools
  • Apply ornaments to curved surfaces
  • Build surfaces according to a sketch, putting all of them into a single shape
  • Make a render

Students works

Course program

  • 6


  • 12


Each lesson consists of a theoretical and a practical part. There is an analysis of homework at the end of each class. Homework is given individually based on the student’s professional interests. This makes it possible to get more helpful information in the direction of the 3D modeling in which you plan to develop.

The learning process is carried out using a particular service, allowing the teacher to see the Student’s screen and control the correctness of the tasks.

You will receive an official Rhinoceros Level 1 certificate from the McNeel Authorized Training Center at the end of the course.

  • Interface and basic operations

    • Osnap control
    • Command prompt
    • Layers
    • Display mode
    • Gumball
  • Operation with curves

    • Single line, Polyline
    • Split, Trim, Join, Explode, Extract Surface
    • Curves
    • Arc tools
    • Extend curve
    • Curve Boolean
    • Project curves, Pull project
    • Offset curves
    • Blend curves
    • Arc Blend
    • Symmetry
    • Extrude
    • Dub edges, isocurves
  • Operation with surfaces

    • Revolve
    • Loft
    • Sweep 1, 2
    • Network of curves
    • Planar surface
    • Unroll tools
    • UV curves
    • Offset surface
    • Blend Surface
    • Symmetry
    • Extend Surface
    • Extrude
  • Deformation tools

    • Move
    • Copy
    • Array tools
    • Scale
    • Mirror
    • Rotate
    • Orient object on Surface
    • Orient object
    • Aline objects
    • Cage edit
    • Bend, Twist, Taper
    • Flow along curve, Flow along surface
    • Project to Cplane
  • Operation with solids

    • Boolean tools
    • Extrude
    • Cup planar holes
    • Pipe
    • Fillet edge
    • Edit fillet
    • Chamfer edge
    • Base objects
  • Rendering

    • Raytraced
    • Ground plane
    • Materials
    • Environments
    • Light tools


Vladislav Kalchenko

Authorized McNeel Trainer

More than 10 years of professional experience in Rhinoceros and 5 years of training. He teaches McNeel courses (certificate) as well as a number of author's courses in industrial design and jewelry design. Author of jewelry series for the company Oriflame. He widely uses parametric design and Grasshopper in his work.

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In addition to individual training, our company conducts group classes.

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Feedback from our students

Experience with real projects

In general, I am very satisfied with the course. I liked the fact that after the lesson, the teacher individually answers the questions that arise during doing the homework. Lessons are more than enough to learn and work on real projects.

  • Ekaterina
Professional teacher

I liked the professionalism of the teacher. There is a lot of information during the lesson. The tutor always answers the questions of the students in a delicate manner! Now, I want his curatorial support. I sincerely recommend this course to everyone!

  • Elena
I have systematized my knowledge

I have passed the basic course with Vladislav. I am more than happy with the course. I’ve sorted everything out for myself, systematized various knowledge from YouTube and the Internet into a single whole, so to speak) Maybe later I will take a course on Grasshopper. Thank you!

  • Alexander
Available for beginners

The course with Vladislav pleased with its accessibility for a beginner in mastering three-dimensional modeling in Rhino. A very detailed description of the app functionality and making of the task with the student. Thanks, I recommend it.

  • Irina

Cost of education

* - The Premium package includes an individual program and homework from the field you are interested in: jewelry, architecture, interior design, industrial design, or shoe design


  • Online classes
  • Accelerated Program
  • Extended homework
  • Certificate of Completion

186 $

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  • Online classes
  • Standard program
  • Standard homework
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Support for 30 days

509 $

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  • Online classes
  • Individual program
  • Individual homework
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Support for 90 days
  • Consultation package 2 hours

815 $

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