Lands Design

Lands Design

Lands Design is an innovative landscape design solution based on the Rhinoceros platform.

The plugin uses BIM technology to develop technical drawings, 3D modeling and visualization of your solutions.


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Lands Design Features

Best Landscape DesignTools

Model terrain plans using contours, elevation curves and point clouds. Scan plans or import a point cloud by selecting a location on the satellite map. The plugin contains all the necessary tools tools to modify terrains, add cuts and fills, paths, holes or calculate the volume of land movements. All this data is stored in the terrain and can be modified at any time.

Big Plant Database

The program contains a database of plants of more than 1800 species. It will not be difficult to choose the right plant for your site by selecting the criteria: climate, type of soil, wind resistance, flowering and fructification, etc. Each plant species has its own customizable display modes in 2D and 3D.

Project Documentation

Easy transition from sketch to 3D project with visualization. Generate 2D technical plans from a 3D model, add dimensions, labels, tags, plant photos, and other annotations. Organize objects on different layers using the layer manager to organize your project. Generate lists of quantitative data about plants, elements of the exterior, zones or volumes of cuts and fills from terrain operations.

Parametric Design

Simplify your design process with vegetation, terrains and civil work elements. Save time by avoiding repetitive tasks, create custom features, and iterate through different design options. All of this is achieved using Grasshopper, a visual programming environment available in Lands Design for Rhino.

Bring your Project to Life with Animated Videos and Realistic Images

Present your project to clients with realistic images, virtual tours and animated videos. Make the sightseeing tour interesting by showing the dynamics of the seasons, day, plant growth and wind. In addition, you can apply the render engine you want, such as Enscape, Lumion, V-Ray, and more.

Multiple Ways of Interoperability

Support for the most popular file formats allows you to import and export files from other platforms. Most of the block libraries from the internet can be easily integrated into a project. Bring your project into VR, send it to a 3D printer, or export it to a browser directly from your device.

Lands Design promo video

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