The Flamingo nXt plugin is designed to replace the standard Rhino renderer when creating photorealistic visualizations.

It implements complex lighting schemes with reflections, refractions, translucency, hard and soft shadows, and more. Users have access to an image editor, an extended set of materials and textures, plant libraries and other elements. When processing data, all processor cores are involved in parallel, which allows you to optimally distribute the load and reduce processing time.


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Flamingo Advantages

Ease to use

With Flamingo nXt, you don’t need specialized skills to get high quality realistic results. All you need to do is select materials, lighting and press the Render button. Unlike many other rendering products, Flamingo nXt has very few settings, making it easy to work with the plug-in.

Minimum system requirements

Indoor and outdoor light simulation, HDR-based lighting, and many other methods are handled with minimal computer configuration requirements.

High performance

Flamingo nXt uses modern ray tracing technology for instant results. During operation all processor cores are used in parallel, while the image quality improves with each pass.

Rendering in Rhino 7

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