Leading architects, designers and CG artists choose the Brazil renderer for their most demanding jobs./p> Brazil helps you quickly and easily create flawless modern design looks, from brand new mobile phones to resort hotels and jewellery. The plugin is widely used due to the ease of settings, stability and high-quality visualization results. Used in the jewelry and automotive industries, architectural design and modeling of various products.


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Brazil Features

Product Design

Brazil will help you visualize your designs in the wide range of styles, and flexible camera settings to achieve maximum realism. For best results, mix photorealistic and illustrative visualization styles. In Brazil, you can render a huge variety of complex materials, from hard reflective materials to translucent plastics.

Jewelry Design

Brazil is the ideal renderer for the hard surfaces and complex light interactions needed by jewelry designers. Diffusion in materials along with HDRI lighting gives gemstones a special brilliance. Advanced camera features let you make your rendering look like a photograph.

Transportation Design

Layered materials in Brazil allow you to model planes, trains, and cars. The simple use of HDRI lighting makes light setup quick and easy. Shading the subject and flexibility in the camera lens will add volume to your images.

Architectural Design

Rendering in Brazil for Rhino offers high performance and flexibility for all types of exterior, interior and landscaping applications. The plug-in has a large set of industrial lighting standards. A solar lighting system will add daylight to a specific area.

Animation materials in Brazil

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