12 September 2023

Types of licensing

Rhino Installation and Licensing

  1. Cloud license
    The default recommended method is that the license is managed through your Rhino/Cloud Zoo account. It requires you to create an online account and allows you to log into Rhino 7 from any computer without having to enter a license key. It also allows you to use Rhino for Windows and Rhino for macOS on different computers (no two licenses required). The license key sent via email is entered into your Rhino account only once. It is not necessary to be constantly connected to the Internet – once a week is enough. You can also create user groups that can use a specific group of commercial licenses. You can login or create a Rhino account using the following link:
  2. One computer (standalone).
    The second licensing method is to install one Rhino license on just one workstation. On the first screen of the installer, click the gear and select “This PC.”
  3. The local network
    The third method is floating network license licensing. Then we will be able to access the license from different computers within the local network. One license can be used by one user at a time. Installation in floating license mode is possible using the free Zoo license manager for Windows. Installation and download information is available at:
    The licensing method you select during the first installation can be changed later.

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